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Making Contact and Starting Out


There are many paths and it is not for me to judge another's way through life, other than to say that if you harm another person, even thoughtlessly or unintentionally, you harm yourself and your own immortal soul. Most Christians seem to think we have just the one chance to achieve unity with the Godhead and that 'heaven' follows directly after death for the 'saved'. Those who believe in reincarnation generally believe that every action of our lives, takes us nearer to, or further from, oneness with the God from whence we sprang. The belief is that we must live again and again, learning the lessons of perfection. What we suffer in a given life is the lessons we choose to learn.

   It was always said in the Western Mystery Tradition that a teacher will appear when the time is right for you - and this is more true than you can possibly realise: maybe something to do with sychronicity. In a more primitive society, many teachers took on one or two apprentices while they made their living in other ways or, like Shamans in a simple tribal situation, they were supported by the whole people.

In the past, the custom was that you did not charge or in any way make money from your psychic, occult or esoteric knowledge or skills. Now, you can read and listen to tapes to study, as well as listen to a teacher.  Those who do teach sometimes have to charge to live, to pay their travel expenses or for the hire of venues. I don't have a problem with charging if you have to (though I wouldn't myself if I could possibly avoid it) and I think you need to make your own mind up as to whether the charge is reasonable and appropriate and whether 'the labourer is worth his hire' (or 'her hire'), so speak. If you are a teacher yourself ... remember Karma!

Some starting points for everybody.

I think the most valuable start to my own learning was the discipline of the correspondence course run by the Society of the Inner Light (The Group set up by Dion Fortune as an 'outer court' of the Golden Dawn, but functioning indepentantly since the 1920s) Even if you don't go on to apply for membership of the Fraternity (I didn't), the value of medititation diaries and the thought-provoking essay questions of the first year is hard to overstate. [see below for details] Next best thing, if you're inclined to follow the Golden Dawn path is Chic and Tabitha Cicero's book on self initiation ... but you will need an enormous self discipline to read the lectures, study the huge range of topics, make the equipment you need, do the spiritual exercises and carry out the rituals. Do it, and you'll be well on the road to being a true adept. However,  don't pretend to do it - really do it. If you don't, you're only pretending to be an adept.

Can I labour the point and say that titles are unimportant, unless they're backed up by learning, wisdom, experience and so on. I reached a very high grade in one Order I've long since left, without doing anything to truly earn that status. I actually have the title Adept in two of the Orders I belong to: I hope I am have attained the right to that titlel, but I don't want to be called one, I want to be one.

To contact the Society of the Inner light, go to their website;


More places you could start

Both AMORC and Builders of the Adytum (BOTA) offer correspondence courses. I personally dislike the AMORC 'lessons' because they add to one's learning in a very slow 'drip' and with very little supervision. (As always, I stress that this no more than a personal opinion and you may not agree). The Builders of the Adytum give similar lessons but do have exams which are marked, instruct you to keep a diary, colour your own black and whiteTarot, etc. Societas Rosicruciana in America (not linked to the SRIA) also offer courses and involves people I respect, but I don't have any details for you. If you google the word 'Rosicrucian' you come up with dozens of different orders: there is no criticism inherent in choosing or not choosing any of them: I write about what I know, any the limits are in me.

(Note that for Masons in a Lodge of the United Grand Lodge of England, AMORC is an organisation "incompatible with Masonry", though nobody seems to know why.)

To contact AMORC or SRIAm, or BOTA try their websites (see links page) To contact theSocietas Rosicruciana or the Order of the Rose and Cross, click the link



If you live around London, UK, if you're basically Christian and if you're serious about starting out you could email me (see below) and I could consider meeting up with you to discuss introducing you to someone appropriate.

Making Contact with the Golden Dawn

The Golden Dawn blew itself apart in the early part of the last century, but it didn't entirely die. Dion Fortune fwent her own way with an independant Society of the Inner Light; Crowley formed the OTO; Paul Case formed the Builders of the Adytum and A.E. Waite formed the Fraternity of the Rosy Cross - all of which function today. The full rituals and teachings of the Golden Dawn were published by Israel Regardie, who thought they were too important to be lost. Several temples continued into the latter part of the 20th century, by which time, Israel Regardie, now living in the US, initiated Chic and Tabitha Cicero (and others) into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The teachings were widely known by now and several independent temples and at least three orders were founded. It is growing again today with 2 or 3 UK temples of the H.'.O.'.G.'.D.'., several independent ones and at least 2 of the other orders. Interested? Read Chic Cicero's self initiation book (that should put off dabblers).

E-mail the G.'.D.'. with a good reason why they should be interested in you. Suitable candidates will be contacted by e-mail by their nearest temple and asked for a telephone number. This may result in an application form. Their website has a whole list of useful links for any student of the esoteric, hermetic or occult. URL? Use this link:

If you live in London or the south of England you could make contact with the London Temple - website at

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, London


Another place worth considering is the Pennsylvania based "Institute of Hermetic Studies". There is physical group presence, but and interesting web base and e-newsletter. And you should certainly look at what is on offer. Director of Studies, Mark Stavish, is a person I admire. Click their logo to visit their site:.


Another site to be considered is the Triolite Foundation, describing itself as "A seminar for the New Age of Light". You should re-read my remarks about charging. The Triolite foundation holds courses and seminars on some interesting sounding courses, mainly (but not exclusively) in the mainland USA and you may feel that the cost is reasonable for what you want or need. Remember that prices are in US $ and there's a very good exchange rate at the moment (though that could always change.) Clock the logo and have a look for yourself if you feel inclined. There is also a UK Mystery School associated with it.:


Vedic Astrology

Tthree sites that came to me originally on an exchange of links offer free information and horoscopes, however ALL THREE offer the free stuff as 'loss leaders ' and samples - if you spend money there that's up to you!! (and one of them sells interesting stuff such as crystals) On the plus side, my Indian visitors might find these links useful and anyone who is interested in Vedic astrology would find the sites interesting.



More Astrology and some Feng Shui

The same group who arranged the swap above arranged this exchange, which also looks interesting (with the same reservations) The Horoscopes page includes a wealth of free information but watch the Feng Shui site - interesting but the main business is the Far East with an agency in the US, so postal contacts from the UK may be problematic


And some really useful Astrological Informatio

Look at this compatibility chart!

Zodiac Compatibility


Regalia and Magikal Equipment

It was (and in some quarters still is) the rule that you made your own equipment. It is said that some of the adepts of the original Golden Dawn had decidedly 'unartistic' tools they had made themselves. The point is that you put a lot of your own personality, self and committment into the work, and that is what gives the tools their strength. BOTA asks you to colour your own Tarot to impress it better on your mind

It is possible for someone good at visualising to carry an entire ritual inside their head and Chic Cicero writes of makeshift tools in a book I would recommend - Secrets of a Golden Dawn Temple. However, if you make this an excuse for not doing the best you can, it is just that - an excuse!


Psionics & Techno-Shamans

If you haven't come across the expressions and can't figure out what they mean you might well give this paragraph a miss. Want to know more? Read the books of Charles Cosimano, especially 'The Psionic Magician's Gadget Pattern Book'. Another possibility is the book 'The Crystal Warrior' published by Llewellyn. For a more serious overview of the thinking which lies behind these ideas, either read 'Vibrational Medicine' by Richard Gerber MD or Footsteps in the Psychic Wilderness' by Dale Graff MSc (former Director of the US Military's 'Project Stargate') You could well look up psionics and psychtronics on the web. There are several hundred entries, some of which are irrelevant ... but some are well worth following up.



Click Here

for more information about Toltec Shamanism


Approacher in English or Spanish

The shamnic path is one I have never had any inclination to follow myself, but the avid readers of books by Carlos Castenada and Théun Mares possibly thirst for information. One of my daughters lives in southern Spain and follows just such a path, apprenticed for 10 years to a Shaman who learnt his trade in Mexico and now herself a shaman and teacher..

Joanna's house and land, overlooking the sea on the Costa de la Luz, see frequent activity such as the 'corn buriel' inititiation ritual from northern Mexico. These are mostly just gatherings of friends, but Joanna is willing to tell you about courses and gatherings in Spain or Mexico




Pagan is a term I don't really like - it's a used by Christians for anyone not a follower of any of the major world religions (rather like 'infidel' for Moslems) and many 'pagans' seem to use it just as vaguely (though it originally meant 'foreigner, I think). That said, there are plenty who do know what they believe and one can assume that the key lies in the nature religions - any many of them seem to have greater regard for the earth and the environment than official religion. If you're interested in what is happening in the UK pagan world, follow this link:



Star of 13

The Key to the Universe is YOU - This is a set of cards, painted by Artist Katrina Vrebalovich and based on images in the shamanistic tradition channelled by psychic Selja Winter, along with a book by Joanna Crowson and Selja Winter, enabling you to take charge of your own destiny, path and universe ... not a divinatory system it explores yourself and helps you understand the 13 energies of the Mayan tradition.

Order from direct from School of Lif Publishing.



Order Amazon.co,uk or direct from School of Life Publishing.


English / Espanol

The Shaman's Garden

by Iztcoatl Papalotzin - a Mexican Shaman in the Toltec tradition. Originally Published in Spanish and translated by Joanna Crowson, for 7 years an apprentice of this remarkable individual. More practical than the works of Carlos Castanada or Théun Mares this is a combination of a book to explain his ideas and exercises to set you on the path to Shamanism yourself.

Daughters in Flower

by Itzcoatl Papalotzin and Ivonne Delgardo Orea

Book and cards designed for girls and young women, with artwork by a young and very talented artist. Book for adults and another for girls 6 - 14 translated by Joanna Crowson.

Order direct from School of Lif Publishing.



Need to Consult a Psychic?

I don't do readings of any sort - astrology, tarot geomancy, scrying - though I could, but I won't charge for my time and don't have the time to spare anyway. UK based Keith or UK based Debby both have their own websites and I have a lot of time for them. Either will use astrology and the Tarot study a range of problems and past life situations. They do charge, but both are very upfront about costs - you know exactly what you're going to get and how much it will cost you. Try:



Another site worth a visit, with a lot of basic informaation about astrology and 'free' horoscopes (genuinely free, but intended to tempt you into something deeper ... and more expensive) try visiting:



Unpleasant Entities Causing trouble?

The US Astral Warriors "Abode of the Lion" seem to have acquired a UK sister group - have a quick look at their website if you have a problem.


Scorch Pyrography

Pyrography is writing and designwork with fire (well, heat anyway) on wood, leather or other appropriate materials. Amongst many items are some of an esoteric nature, such as runes and pentacles, done as a commission for wiccan and other groups and sale from stalls at pagan functions. Visit this site purely for the delight of it! Here's a sample of scorch's work - a set of runes for those who cast them for divinitory purposes. I've commissioned various things from Tracey - she's an incredible artist who's produced some amazing artwork for me.

If you're interested in casting runes, look at these


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